Sunday, 7 December 2014

American journalist Killed In Yemen

WASHINGTON: U.S.A. President Barack Obama condemned the killing folks subject abducted in Republic of Yemen, locution that the yankee individuals by Luke's family and his favorite ones would sincere condolences. the worldwide wine Republic of Yemen president in a very statement condemned the killing of journalist abducted.
American journalist abducted in Republic of Yemen, President Obama condemned
 yankee journalist Luke sumrz Gregorian calendar month last year, Base fighters in Republic of Yemen to unharness the prisoners and therefore their action throughout Friday's North American nation  commandos killed 2 militants Luc U.S.A. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Sat confirmed that Luke and the alternative non-Arabs fighters killed American hostage
The victim's identity as South Africa's state capital rkyyy.
Hegel argued that many terrorists were killed throughout the operation. By the terrorist group Base branch in Republic of Yemen free a video on the web in the week, the U.S.A. 3 days during which to fulfill their demands was noted as locution that will otherwise kill Luke sumrz . What were the stress of the militants didn't specify this video

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