Monday, 8 December 2014

Airbase Attack in Syria

Syria and also the Islamic State of Al-Iraq militants in operation within the domestic aviation in jap Asian nation invaded an outsized base of operations, clashes have killed over 100 twenty
According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights of Syrian military base of operations within the jap Syrian attack on Deir Ezzor province, a suicide attack was launched. Before the gates of the bottom, a suicide aggressor at once when the bombing and artillery firing started by jihadists. The fighters and Syrian air force base within the fierce fighting stone-broke out between militia.
During the fighting, in step with the Syrian Observatory kunryz armed fighters of the Islamic State, placed within the southeast of the landing field complicated missiles were conjointly occupying a repository for a few time. Airbase attack and sides fighting between forces were killed and over 100 and twenty.
Deir Ezzor Assad in capital of Syria, the Syrian air force base, it's necessary for the govt, war fighters, attack planes and helicopters, most of that ar from constant base

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