Tuesday, 30 December 2014

40 Dead Bodies find Now From Wreckage of missing plane of Air Asia

Jakarta jauajzayr found close to the portion of the plane is missing Air Asia Indonesian authorities confirmed reports are supported the island of Java are retrieved forty bodies of the passengers and crew.
According to foreign press association Indonesian civil aviation chief jauajzayr confirmed the portion close to the ocean, the final trend was a body floating within the rescue groups began to arrive early because the passengers or alive everyplace the information can't be dead.
He aforesaid the Indonesian Minister before long reach the accident spot wherever they'll give additional info, weather difficulties in reaching the portion.
According to the Indonesian Navy ship wreck white and red stuff was almost like the Indonesian Air Force officers laptop computer to check footage of a body floating on the waves of the ocean was lovely factor to check. the ten massive and plenty of little items of things seen, however they may not take footage of them.
The lensman told fetoprotein he was floating within the ocean, a life vest, long yellow tube and ar seeing.
Indonesian search and rescue agency head higher than water at the depth of twenty five to thirty meters will use the search operation may be veteran different, were ab initio sent eleven different. He, a minimum of thirty urdydyn search and rescue operations, fifteen planes and 7 helicopters ar collaborating.
Debris from the plane to satisfy the relatives of the passengers and crew fell electricity and Singapore voters at the field watching for any miracles started screaming.
The Sunday Times noted ayyraysyaء plane certain for Singapore on the way traffic management had been disconnected. there have been 162 passengers on board, as well as crew

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