Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Warning ! WI FI is dangerous

Wi-Fi waves are harmless and the causes of the Cell Death,Memory Loss, DNA Damage ,cancer Risk ,So that scientist are Worried About it and trying to find the solution of it.
The study of young physically abused within the Great Britain that mynsabt WiFi waves in judgy lost their ability to sustain attention. The yankee Society for the study of fruitful medication waves have an effect on memory in young ladies. within the Great Britain there area unit kusnjydgy daktrphly time that the claim that some patients within the presence of Wi-Fi cold, lethargy, nausea, et al. feel strange symptoms area unit a similar. Some patients additionally suffered a tumour known as electro magnetic hyper sensitivity .Doctors the state antalrns syndrome incorporates a name. sixty three year recent girl named Marie Coles EHS malady became the news. Wi-Fi waves so that they face severe hypersensitivity reaction that has been eliminated and out of doors the house Wi-Fi to use special covering.
Although scientists area unit still formally in WiFi waves from time to time, however most specialists area unit warning that the WiFi router a minimum of one meter off from the laptop computer to sit down down and place in lap use

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