Thursday, 6 November 2014

TOP 10 Mobile Phone,s

In the race of Mobile Phones  Apple iPhone 6 is at the top. and other are as below.
Top 10 List
No One: Apple iPhone6
No two : Apple iPhone5S
No three :Apple iPhone5C
No four :Samsung Galaxy S5
No five :Apple iPhone half-dozen and
No Six: HTC One M8
No seven :Apple iPhone 4S
No eight :Samsung Galaxy S4
No  Nine : LG G3
No Ten : Samsung Galaxy Note four

The South Korean company's Galaxy S5 Samsung movable is incredibly in style, however the remainder of it's did not bring home the bacons.
Apple secured the primary position within the list iPhone6 whereas the second and third position 5C and 5S iPhone6 and and came in fifth.
Samsung movable company, solely 3 area unit within the prime 10 list. curiously, the comparatively little player in HTC's One M8 phone list has reached the sixth position and it is achieved.

 USwitch prime 10 list of the 10 best movables within the US Apple's four mobile phone firms have are available in the primary 5 numbers.

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