Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The nano particles will not step in medical research

These nano-particles not only cancer, heart and kidney ailments will keep an eye on.
They ate like psulz jaskyga general medicine. capsules nano-particles in the blood enter the body through the bloodstream and will oversee.
At that moment the man tied to the wrist of nano particles from the sensor to read the information on the warning before the deadly disease will flourish.
If anyone in the style of a minor, if any change takes place this notice shall constitute particles.
The nano particles will not step in medical research but Google says .
Google X Live Science Research Unit, Google is working on this project. The research team was formed more than 100 experts.

Google is working on the preparation of the special nature of the capsule, which flourish within the nano-particles for cancer before the warnings will feel it.
Google X lab continues to work on the project, which began in a small wireless chip and contact lens glucose sensor using a blood sugar level will know
 Experience from the beginning of this year that he is working on a person's blood sugar level in the pin inserting her finger to know when to draw blood   Rather, it is taken from the kntkt lens.

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