Monday, 17 November 2014

Side Effect of Android 5.0 Updation

Android 5.0 Updation, Remove the Silent mod.
Users World Health Organization like lollipops square measure updated on a criticism that he cannot currently Silent Mobile.
Customers World Health Organization have put in the Nexus French telephone with automaton five.0 phone from his 'silent mode' is mechanically disappeared. The Kit stimulant drug operating phone volume to "0" once acceptive the vibration mode gets them. and therefore the silent mode 'approaches.Than volumes once putting in automaton five.0 "0" to line the mode then gets vibration no choice however it seems once. HTC volumes of "0" is about for the vibration mode. however it doesn't even rate silent mod.
It was determined that a 'bug' could be a lolly pop which can be removed within the next version or the approach it had been designed. i do know the reality can solely come back once Google can by no real time

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