Saturday, 8 November 2014

Security Offer By Facebook

Social Media Giant Facebook is Now going to give you a big security offer, you can use facebook profile with no identity.
Popular social media web site Facebook took a revolutionary step to hide the identity of the software system through Tor to use your web site link has been special. Before victimization Tor or not Facebook was open or doesn't open properly.
This software system is meant specifically for those who use the web to stay your identity fully confidential.

Now Facebook facebookcorewwwi.onion / A link is provided victimization Tor, through that users will use the location.
To avoid the restrictions of presidency agencies is taken into account the simplest answer to Tor.
If you have got Tor put in and your browser is victimization it, then you ought to visit an internet site, your computer's scientific discipline address, your address, your area, visit the town and not the association info, etc. the web site can grasp, nor your ISP can grasp the knowledge.

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