Monday, 3 November 2014

Robots are Better than Human

In this World of Technology The value of human is decreasing day by day and Robots Are tacking this place fastly.
Nestle 1st wireless 'Softbank' retailers serving on the paper planned a good promoting tool as a result of managers have verified their users square measure able to gather helpful data.
Nestle in Japan, per representative Micky ears big retail Dec golem stores can begin mercantilism low machines.
Nestle k stores in Japan golem announces hiring sales clerks.
"We believe that customers searching through robots clerks sailors can delight.
Listen to the music 'emotional' golem was declared as eighty to seventy p.c might answer  perceive the voice communication

Walking with the help of rollers a hundred and twenty cm long papers his chest Computer Tablet-style fitted in June and therefore the 1st president of Soft bank listen masa poshy was introduced.
A discussion paper human dise the top of this year, the primary batch of domestic coffee low capsules and machines started mercantilism retailers shall Asian.

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