Friday, 28 November 2014

Result of Wrong Use of Social Media In UAE

Social media is a link to World and always use it for Right Purpose ,if anyone use it in wrong way ,its reputation will go down and people hate with the Wrong User.
A civil court within the United Arab Emirates on Facebook and Twitter to unfold false info and rumors regarding the state of processing 3 years imprisonment and serious fines if guilty. in step with official wire service father Osman Hussain alnjar court alaslah become a member of the Society World Health Organization was guilty and sentenced to ten years in jail Osman Hussein, his father's penalisation was printed reports on social networking sites. By the court supported false info was given to those reports, and it absolutely was aforesaid that the defendant had been providing info to foreign entities. By the court to a few years in jail and a fine of five million dirhams was sentenced these days.

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