Sunday, 30 November 2014

Psychological problems with Viber

Million mobile phones in the future Viber modern social media, video chat, tango, etc. will also suffer from psychological problems, the advantages of using Viber are several arguments, including friends, relatives and family, including contact but it is a major cause of social psychological problems. That being said, its innovative technology also comes with the modern challenges, mobile phones used Viber and other such social media can increase the odds. Viber particularly intensive use of social media unnecessary and very much affects the soul and the body, the more people will use it in our daily activities are substantial benefits and depressed, so this time as well as his life is despaired. The intensive use of social media in damages depression, hopelessness are also sad thing is that the person being online drug is in big trouble. However, the benefits of using social media to mobile phone also can not be ignored, but the point should always remember that social media like Viber and appropriate for the occasion should be asfadh

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