Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hacking War Among Super Power,s

America's stance that China's network computers whereas China says U.S. spying on its military and monetary establishments will.
After speech act of those conflicts, China has determined to make a network of spying isn't doable for any power of the globe. Between the capital Peking and Shanghai, the business center of sixty million pounds price of building a fiber-optic cable through that the main military and monetary info are changed. This project are completed in concerning 2 years to be moving through the quantum information are protected by coding technology.
Project leader academic pian Jian Wei dynasty natural philosophy are illustrious. They say that the previous spy Edward snawdn later we have a tendency to learned that the disclosures are being spied U.S. forever.
The new technology of quantum distribution  has been named to the tiniest doable size of the information within the variety of light weight to transfer. If somebody would try and steal the knowledge, it'll mechanically recognize that nobody is making an attempt to spy.

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