Friday, 21 November 2014

Hackers can work Offline

Tel Aviv: government and defense agencies, significantly sensitive information secure from hackers is a vital strategy adopted
That their computers aren't connected to the net so any virus or hacker couldn't reach them. This methodology Air Gap Network .
Pm Israel became the primary university scientists have well-tried that this strategy isn't utterly secure and isn't connected to the net and computers have a distinct suppose information are often taken. FM radio signals used for this purpose and it absolutely was to demonstrate however information are often transmitted to a transportable via radio signals.
Scientists have developed a special code for this purpose and put in on the target pc, and so shut the Samsung Galaxy S4 has received data mistreatment the transportable. Press every key on the keyboard of the computer's graphics card data via FM radio radiation, and so converts the signal was received on a transportable within the style of waves.
Although this hacking should install special code on the pc, however it's important for those agencies that were made abroad able to use the pc as they will have already got this sort of code.

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