Monday, 10 November 2014

Good News From WhatsApp

Good News from WhatsApp messages such app that has well tried successful  within the world
Throughout the year to produce free service to your users when electronic messaging WhatsApp annual subscription fee of $ one set to use
WhatsApp free service in developing countries like Pakistan can continue.
But it had been determined that the developing countries like Pakistan, this cash are applied and still use WhatsApp service are free.
These are the choice of the corporate president aforementioned Neeraj Arora WhatsApp users from developing countries to the negotiating

However, in these countries, as well as India and Pakistan would be economically higher too Subscription quantity are applied.
The number of users of good phones in Pakistan is regarding fifteen million. And ten million active users is that the variety of WhatsApp. In April, the quantity of the calculable 0.5 billion globally by combining the employment and WhatsApp WhatsApp users Active users area unit counted.
WhatsApp in Islamic Republic of Pakistan to visualize the increasing variety of users wouldn't be wrong to mention that in Pakistan quickly  WhatsApp every well mistreatment .But annual fee payments should currently create it potential not possible!

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