Monday, 27 October 2014

New iphone 6 & 6 + including iOS 8 software

Apple has facing various problem,s after Releasing the iphone 6 and 6 plus .
iPhone 6 Plus replacement devices have also proven to be vulnerable to crashes.
The thread in queries has over nine,200 views and quite sixty responses, and it details constant flaming problems that have an effect on bound devices. It seems the bug affects 128GB iPhone half dozen and models that have quite 700 applications put in, but Apple has yet to confirm what the problem is.
At now, it is not clear however widespread the matter is, because it would possibly solely have an effect on 128GB iPhone half dozen and models that have many iOS applications put in.
Even though the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch was an excellent success for the corporate, with 2014 iPhones registering record sales according to Apple, many problems have stained Apple’s iPhone half dozen launch, including iOS 8 software problems. a lot of recently, it was discovered that the iPhone 6’s plastic antenna covers additionally come back with one surprising flaw. Now, AppleInsider points us to a growing thread on Apple,s support forum that details a possible software issue affecting iPhone 6 Plus handsets.

Some users have taken their faulty devices to Apple stores, wherever some individuals were in a position exchange the faulty phone for a replacement device, but others are told to stay using their malfunctioning iPhone 6 Plus units as their ticket escalates in Apple’s tech support department.
The system crashes will apparently occur even while not user interaction, and fixing the phone as new and reinstalling apps manually instead of restoring a previous iPhone image on the device does not fix the matter.
Apple is trying to save it,s repotation after the flop of it,s latest product,s.

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