Sunday, 26 October 2014

New iPad Air 2 VS AT&T

AT&T confirmed Ars‘ findings however wouldn’t say specifically why the SIM cards got to get fastened in to run on its network. At the terribly least, then, anyone WHO needs the pliability to modify carriers on their shiny new iPad Air two tablets would possibly wish to steer beyond AT&T.
Ars Technica reports that whereas each T-Mobile and Sprint have determined to permit iPad Air two models on their network to run with SIM cards that area unit compatible with multiple carriers, AT&T has determined to lock down this feature on the new iPads that run on its network.
This means that if you hook your iPad Air two onto AT&T’s network and you opt to modify carriers, you’ll need to purchase another SIM card from Apple rather than simply shift your information supplier on the device.

“When you found out cellular information on a brand new iPad with the multi-carrier SIM, you’ll get this screen, that allows you to opt for a carrier,” Ars explains. “Click on AT&T and you’ll see this warning, stating that after the SIM is activated on AT&T’s network, it'll be fastened to AT&T which you’ll want a brand new Apple SIM to vary carriers.”

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