Friday, 31 October 2014

HOw many users are using Zong 3G Service in Pak.

Zong is spreading in pakistan fastly day by day.
Zong customers terrific speeds favorite movies, videos, quicker downloads, fun games and fun with friends, connect with their admired ones, uninterrupted provision of knowledge and provides the chance to realize abundant hy.zong trade users in terms of the quickest growing network, that is currently the leading medium players within the trade as a novel contribution to the Asian country 'Super 3G' to supply the advantages area unit absolutely active.
The Regional director sales  at zong blessed and Distribution same, This milestone for our 3G customers in recognition of their exceptional service area unit bestowed to USA and this is often simply the start. Our 'Super 3G' service caters to any or all types of net users have not seen them in Asian country browsing and information transfer speed, the chance to expertise their.our company customers like kuaulyn to introduce the distinctive experiences through their infrastructure.
Speaking on this milestone, Chief military officer and Chairman Dr. Zong Fan Yunjun same, "I congratulate all the individuals in Zong World Health Organization created ​​this success doable. Zong to supply innovative services to its customers in Asian country is committed within the initial medium company to cross the milestone.

ZONG This milestone is that the initial network that the uncountable customers of the service to supply quality commitment is Zong, China Mobile Communications Corporation subsidies and Pakistan's initial auruahd 4G mobile service supplier company last months of his 'Super 3G' 1,000,000 users, that has crossed the ceremony control in metropolis and ten,00,001 th user with its commitment and support of their whole recognition whereas celebrating determined. The Regional director sales and Distribution mister. Zong blessed to possess 3G service and ten,00,001 th initial prize awarded to the user of the iPad. Ufone Super III GK ten,00,001 th user whereas the user metropolis, Karachi cares.

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