Sunday, 3 August 2014

When John Kerry visited IIT-Delhi

Dressed in a blue suit, Kerry interacted with the scholars there and asked variety of questions about the processes concerned, the education fees, legal system and conjointly if they might get employment in India or would they need to travel out.
I am terribly proud to be a part of a institute that is recognised within the United States yet. They (US) have done lots of analysis that is way prior United States and Kerry's visit to the institute makes United States feel superb," same Gupta.
US Secretary of State John Kerry visited 2 laboratories at the distinguished Indian Institute of Technology on weekday. Kerry interacted with the scholars and used words "very exciting" and "excellent" once the visit.
Professor R.K. Shevgaonkar, Director of the IIT, Delhi told PTI that the yank Embassy had specifically mentioned the laboratories that Kerry wished to go to.
Kerry was more than happy to check a look project on bio-degradable plastic.
Kunal Gupta, WHO is an element of the project, same he was proud that Kerry visited his institute.
Kerry, WHO is here for the fifth Indo-US strategic dialogue, took day trip of his schedule and visited the Applied biology Laboratory and Bio-process work.

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