Saturday, 2 August 2014

Technology New NFL keeps tabs on player performance

Technology to trace NFL players' position, speed and distance in an exceedingly game was developed in Chicago.
Phil Gerskovich is that the Senior vice chairman of equid Technologies based mostly in community Lincolnshire.
The next generation statistics technology are going to be employed in the forthcoming season.
It will provide you with real time statistics data to be used concerning every player within the field," Gerskovich aforementioned. "Where square measure they, how briskly they have been running, what is their acceleration; how briskly they are decelerating. But, extremely excitingly it can even be employed in real time as broadcast overlay data on the video feed.
NFL players square measure quick, however precisely however fast? The new technical school within their shoulder pads won't solely let the league recognize, however the fans moreover.
The sensors square measure concerning the dimensions of 1 / 4. One is placed on every of the shoulders of each player. It sends a symptom to receivers placed throughout NFL stadiums and is collected in real time.
We've been developing this technology and it's employed in industries from automotive to maritime to part for several years. But, that does not provides a ton of visibility to the technology to the broader world," Gerskovich else.
The technology took five years to good.
The NFL discharged the subsequent statement concerning the collaboration with the Chicago based mostly company: "Zebra's chase technology can facilitate groups to evolve coaching, reconnaissance mission and analysis through raised information of player performance, moreover as give ways in which for our groups and partners to reinforce the fan expertise.
Starting this season, broadcaster can have the choice to indicate viewers specific routes players square measure running and even build speed comparisons.
Seventeen groups can have the technology at the start of this season, as well as the Chicago Bears and therefore the city Packers.
The company else that fans also will be able to use the technical school to assist choose their fantasy soccer groups. The technology can bring player stats to everyone's fingertips.

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