Monday, 4 August 2014

Roku unveils new video-streaming stick in response to quality of Google's Chromecast

Google hasn't divulged Chromecast sales, however the stick ranks because the second-most well-liked physical science item on solely Inc.'s own Kindle Paperwhite e-reader outsells the Chromecast within the website's electronic section.
Although Roku's HDMI stock prices quite the Chromecast, the corporate is relying on its broader choice of apps to convey it a footing with shoppers. Roku has quite one,200 apps, or "channels," that stream video, like Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu and, furthermore as apps from league Baseball and also the NBA. It conjointly has music and ikon services. The Chromecast lists fourteen apps on its web site, together with Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu and.
Apple TV is Roku's biggest rival in web streaming boxes. Apple Inc. says it's oversubscribed quite thirteen million of these boxes up to now. different|and several other} other sites ar acceptive pre-orders for Roku's new stick for delivery next month. The device conjointly can begin spotlight in stores then too.
Roku has been mercantilism another video-streaming stick since 2012, however that device solely works on TVs with mobile high-definition, or MHL. TVs with AN MHL port ar still a specialty item. nearly all TVs oversubscribed throughout the past few years have AN HDMI outlet, widening the attractiveness of the new streaming stick.
Overall, Roku Inc., that relies in battle of Saratoga, Calif., says it's oversubscribed quite eight million video-streaming devices since its initial box hit the market nearly six years past.
SAN FRANCISCO –  Roku is going in a web video-streaming stick fight with Google's Chromecast.
The Roku device, declared weekday, sells for $50 compared with $35 for the Chromecast. The low worth and Google complete cachet have created Chromecast well-liked since its unleash last summer.

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