Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Like Steve Jobs Tesla business executive Elon Musk is not too busy to send personal replies to customers

It helps in fact if your company makes a 5 traveller luxury sedan that outdrags a Porsche 911 uses 0.5 the energy of a Prius and has the best crash safety rating ever recorded.
And then he responds to them, either in person or on social media.Last week a few from island the big apple United Nations agency own a combine of Teslas placed an advert in Musk’s town newspaper requesting 0.5 a dozen enhancements within the Model S.
It’s not clear whether or not the changes can come back as an on the spot results of the ad, or whether or not they were on the planning stage already.Three years age i used to be Associate in Nursing early Model S deposit holder thirstily awaiting  my automotive.
To my utter amazement, 3 hours later I got a reply I completely agree that regen ought to be driver adjustable, and it'll air Model S. Musk derived the message to his chief technical officer JB Straubel.
Can you imagine having a full of life email back and forth with Mark Fields or mother Barra, CEOs of Ford and General Motors severally.
I got wind that Tesla for all its trumpeting concerning responsibility and client service, had no extended powertrain warrant on the far side the quality four year fifty,000 mile bumper to bumper coverage in contrast to most different carmakers.
How will a company business executive get to be a rock star?
But Elon Musk has done one thing else to separate himself from the gray flannel pack  He listens to his customers.
Even a lot of radical, in several cases Musk pronto admits to faults or substandard aspects of the Tesla Model S.Two days later, Musk tweeted to his million and  followers, Ad taken go in town Daily by 2 Model S house owners is true. several of the suggestions are going to be enforced before long.
But we tend to Model S house owners have come back to feel that what we predict really matters to the business executive of Tesla Motors–and that our suggestions may very well turn out to be reality.
On the wildest of  whims, i made a decision to email Elon with a suggestion. Please provide North American nation driver-adjustable regen braking on the Model S,I pleaded.
Can you imagine having a full of life e mail back and forth with Mark Fields or mother Barra, CEOs of Ford and General Motors severally

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