Sunday, 24 August 2014

Latest technology digest printed

The August issue conjointly highlights blue lightweight integration schemes being fuelled by innovative new digital technology used for quick sharing of knowledge. many forces together with the Met and Cheshire Police, square measure change their systems to require notice of latest devices and applications that became obtainable - still on replicate a shift focused  among police leaders.
However streamlining pc systems is associate degree undeniably complicated task. Our article on Police Scotland's IT problems highlights however it will be fraught with taxing delays.Body worn video, blue lightweight integration and digital forensics all feature within the latest issue.
Elsewhere we have a tendency to report on the newest gadgets that optimists say can free officers from turning into stalled in work by permitting access to backend systems from the frontline.
The operational significance of body worn video together with the newest steerage and samples of however forces square measure utilising this technology, square measure profiled within the latest digest.
There is increasing agreement that intelligent use of IT will cause improved results for forces and bigger confidence among victims. we have a tendency to examine however the newest technological devices square measure serving to to boost domestic abuse response times and enhance digital rhetorical investigations.To browse and subscribe this digest.

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