Saturday, 9 August 2014

John McAfee speaks at hacker conference unveils grievance web site

John McAfee the flamboyant anti  virus software system trade pioneer created a surprise look at a pc hackers conference on Friday evening, wherever he disclosed a replacement web site to relinquish folks an area on-line to vent their anger.
This faucets into anger in an exceedingly positive approach, he aforementioned in an exceedingly temporary interview before taking the stage at Def Con, the world's largest conference of pc hackers. rather than obtaining angry and shooting at someone on the route, or yelling at your better half you'll log onto the positioning.
He aforementioned he's yearning for a lot of investors within the website, that he has started up with $450,000 from a non-public capitalist World Health Organization he declined to call.
The just once have World Health Organization fled the Central yankee nation of Central American country in 2012 when police sought-after to question him concerning the murder of a neighbor aforementioned he started the positioning for standard folks to lodge complaints on something from government corruption to dangerous shopper product.
BrownList offers a forum for folks to file specific complaints and for users to propose solutions to issues. Suggestions ar voted on by website members World Health Organization decide what varieties of response may be best.
McAfee told Reuters that he plans to create cash by providing subscription services to businesses, however he failed to elaborate.

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