Friday, 8 August 2014

Auto trade eying Google Glass, wearable technologies

ACME town MI Google Glass is catching the attention of the automotive trade.
GM staff at the Detroit-based automaker's Orion Assembly and Warren Technical Center are testing 3 pairs of the $1,500 product since late last year.
Tony Howell, international at weight unit North America non-portfolio project manager, WHO originally advised testing Google Glass, same there was a direct profit at the facilities notably for quality inspections and procedural directions for coaching and development.
Google Glass is actually a laptop you'll be able to go down your face that may be tailored for various operations and functions, as well as educational videos, researching data and livestreaming see video below.
I think it's got plenty of leverage at intervals producing, specifically once it permits you to move with things while not victimization your hands,said mythical being speaker, vice chairman of development at Plex Systems. within the next part of hi-tech producing you may not see a laptop within the ancient sense.
Prater compared wearable's to the progression of the iPhone, that has continued  to evolve and become thought since its introduction in 2007.'

This year's conference options eleven topical seminars targeted on international producing ways, lightweighting, connected and autonomous vehicles, powertrain developments, sales prediction, human resources, logistics, purchasing, planning for technology, and capital investment.
About a hundred weight unit workers have tested the technology in controlled testing. A dozen roughly, consistent with Howell, have truly used Google Glass on the plant floor.
Troy-based Plex has already developed a Google Glass proof of thought that may truly analyze a machine on the plant floor simply by viewing it.
We're extremely simply experimenting making an attempt to search out completely different uses for it, weight unit North America producing President Cathy horse fly told reporters following a speech at the thirty ninth annual Center for Automotive analysis Management informing Seminars. There square measure plenty of concepts.
Clegg, WHO oversees fifty five facilities and over seventy four,000 workers, same betting on the success of Google Glass at the 2 facilities, the technology might expand to others.

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