Saturday, 2 August 2014

A Ten-Year-Old Patent may well be the Key to Reducing Road Accidents

This whole tragedy may are averted if a ten-year-old patent to stay individuals from talking whereas driving had found wider use. Four Delhi-based IT engineers, Yash Singh, Anirudh Singh, Manu Singh and Lakinder Singh Verma, hold a patent for a system that mechanically disables a radiotelephone once in an exceedingly moving vehicle. The patent has since been documented by several alternative corporations, as well as analysis In Motion Ltd (now BlackBerry), and Nokia, except for currently, individuals will drive and speak unobstructed.
It is here that the patent may realize a noteworthy application. The abstract for the patent reads that "This invention relates to a system for disabling a radiotelephone within the presence of bound conditions, and for change it off within the presence of another conditions, whereas permitting its use within the traditional fashion within the absence of those 2 sets of conditions. Specifically, a primary condition is a trial to work a radiotelephone by the driving force of a vehicle having its ignition on and/or moving higher than a precise speed. within the second condition the system mechanically switches off Associate in Nursingy radiotelephone within the ON condition being carried on the person of a personal occupying a seat in an craft, or a committee space, or the other such location wherever such a restriction is envisaged.
Last week in Telangana, a college bus carrying nearly forty youngsters was hit by a train, and seventeen youngsters died whereas twenty one others were livid. The driver, WHO was additionally killed, was allegedly on his phone Associate in Nursingd failed to check to check if the road was clear whereas passing an unmanned  railway crossing.
According a paper given by Manisha Ruikar, academician and Head of Department of Community and medical practice, All Republic of India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Raipur, the full variety of individuals killed in road accidents in Republic of India in 2002 were eighty four,674. A decade later the quantity had nearly doubled at one,42,485. clearly there ar additional factors to think about once accounting for the increase, than simply the speedy adoption of cellphones in Republic of India. however it is also clear that we want an answer to assist cut back the quantity of accidents going down.
So as an example if somebody is speaking on the rider seat next to the driving force or behind him," says Verma, "they will speak on the radiotelephone. Since the driving force is that the one WHO is dominant the vehicle it's of optimum importance that he or she provides his or her full attention to the road and therefore the individuals there.

When asked why the patent has not been enforced wide, Verma told NDTV Gadgets that the four inventors haven't been ready to realize corporations willing to lease their technology.
We had been approached by movable corporations for an entire acquisition of the patent, however we would like to license it bent the corporations instead of sell it off," he says, adding, "It's Associate in Nursing Indian patent over the rest, we might be over happy to lease it bent movable manufacturers, so they will incorporate it into their new radiotelephone styles.
The fine for employing a radiotelephone whereas driving is just Rs. 500," says Singh - this really varies round the country, because the states will have their own rules apart from the Central automobile Act, however generally, the quantity isn't over Rs. 1,000 in most components of Republic of India. "And even that's not implemented frequently or seriously," Singh adds, "moreover, the motorcars change Bill continues to be waiting to be cleared within the Lok Sabha that is a new issue. The change can see the fine quantity increase to Rs. 5,000 and a license suspension, which, if enforced across the state strictly, can cut back such accidents.
There has additionally been an increase in hardware solutions that stop texting, rather than voice calls - not too shocking in lightweight of this patent, perhaps. for instance, RIM (now BlackBerry) additionally incorporates a patent to stop texting whereas driving, and Apple was awarded a patent this year for constant factor. Apple's patent describes a motion instrument, to check if you're in motion, and a scenery instrument, to check if you're driving. If each these conditions ar met, the phone may be disabled.
It is terribly tough to induce things moving with the govt due to the red tapism and therefore the slow machinery concerned in obtaining things to maneuver," says Verma. "But if the govt makes it obligatory for radiotelephones to own such options then it'd successively compel cellphone manufacturers to use the feature that we've got developed for serving to stop accidents.

For currently although, the sole real choices out there ar apps which will finish off your decision facilities once the phone is detected as being in motion. The DriveOFF free humanoid app as an example turns off all notifications once it detects that you just ar moving at over 10mph. Text Limit is another free humanoid app that enables you to set a chosen speed, then cuts off all communications from your phone except to emergency numbers.
The only drawback with each these apps is that they cannot tell the distinction between somebody driving the vehicle and therefore the rider - as long as you're in an exceedingly moving vehicle, these apps can cut communications. If you are frequently driving although, then putting in one among these apps makes lots of sense - a minimum of till there is a higher well-rounded answer.

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