Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mozilla kicks off international 'digital literacy' programme

The Mozilla Foundation is expecting over one hundred,000 folks to participate in an exceedingly series of events in a minimum of 368 locations, as well as in India, over consequent 2 months teaching basic web use and different digital skills.
The kickoff begins this weekend in national capital, Uganda, and includes events in a minimum of 368 locations, from ny and port of entry to cities in India, state and several other African countries.
Surman aforesaid the hassle is a component of a broader goal to assist get a lot of folks round the world connected to the net, and to assist them use it in additional active ways that.

This is the third year of the campaign, Surman, said, and he hopes to double the participation level of last year of around sixty,000 people. The maker parties area unit largely domestically organized with volunteers, with some technical facilitate from Mozilla.
Surman was on his thanks to national capital for "a 500-person teach-in" to launch the program. Mozilla promotes them as parties that facilitate justify the mechanics of creating websites and addresses problems like privacy and information protection.

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