Thursday, 5 June 2014

Technology role in Battle

The new laws would enable the U.S. to combat global climate change whereas activity the country with a reliable, reasonable power supply, the Environmental Protection Agency same.
A White House report last month, supported input from three hundred specialists, underlined the threat display by global climate change.
There square measure several challenges within the means of with success implementing solutions, however they don't seem to be all political. Technology incorporates a massive half to play in reducing emissions. for instance, carbon capture and storage that permits plants to burn the maximum amount coal as before however with the pollutants removed  been shown effective on alittle scale, however widespread implementation might prove troublesome.

The Obama administration yet again has trained its spotlight on global climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency in the week declared an idea to chop carbon pollution, a number one explanation for global climate change, by a mean of thirty % nationwide by 2030, compared with 2005 levels. Power plants account for forty % of carbon pollution, the largest driver of global climate change.
This marks the primary time a president has rapt to control power plants' carbon emissions. The new rules can facilitate forestall as several as half dozen,500 premature deaths and up to one hundred fifty,000 kid bronchial asthma attacks, the administration claimed.
The Environmental Protection Agency announcement comes even as politicians enter the mid-term election season, and it currently seems seemingly that the atmosphere are a key political issue. President Barack Obama antecedently had planned to steer global climate change action through Congress. but owing to House Republicans' staunch opposition to cutting carbon emissions, the president invoked govt authority to wear down the problem.

The technological challenges in reducing emissions might prove important. Coal presently produces forty % of the world's electricity, noted Wired.
Technology has its own limitations," Jain acknowledged. "We haven't however found any new technology which will facilitate U.S. to sequester carbon. There square measure variety that are projected however none of the technologies will solve the matter unless we have a tendency to take some mitigation actions.

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