Wednesday, 4 June 2014

High secure Email,testing by Google

Here's however Google's super coding would work: Imagine you would like to send a sensitive letter by mail. you cannot simply lick the envelope shut. communication staff would possibly open it. however they can not open a lock.

NSA contractor Edward Snowden wont to communicate with journalists before he went public last year with inculpative documents proving the extent of U.S. government police investigation. It's what spies use   it's that sensible.
Your friend buys a padlock, opens it and sends it to you. He keeps the key. You receive his lock, place your letter within a box and shut it together with your friend's lock. You send it. currently solely he will open it together with his personal key, that ne'er left his possession.

It's known as "End-to-End" coding, and it is the best thanks to stop anyone from snooping on your emails. Google would flip your emails into higgledy-piggledy code, and therefore the solely one who will see the e-mail in plain text is that the sure person on the opposite finish.
Google is now functioning on the final word security and privacy feature.

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