Thursday, 12 June 2014

Apple Begins Rejecting Apps that provide Rewards For Video Views, Social Sharing

Today, variety of app promotion and proof firms supply video ads as how of serving to developers build cash and find their app found. meaning the new rejections can take their toll on developers, furthermore as firms like AdColony, Applifier (Unity), Flurry, TapJoy, SupersonicAds, Vungle, AppLovin, Sponsorpay et al giving rewarded video, cross-promotion services and different tools, whereas greatly benefitting those giving non-incentivized video ads, like Facebook will in its app…or Apple’s iAd, of course. Meanwhile, complete video ads, like those provided by firms Vungle for example, don’t seem to be suffering from these App Store changes.
The rejections aren’t solely regarding promoting different apps or satisfying users, however. They’re additionally regarding Associate in Nursing attempt} to control an app’s rank within the App Store’s charts by doing thus.
For example, a developer posting on Q&A website StackOverflow says that his app was rejected, although it had been free fourfold antecedently, and also the update was solely a “reskin” that modified the graphics, not the underlying code.

With the introduction of the revamped iOS App Store in iOS eight, Apple discovered variety of changes to the app discovery method, with new options that facilitate users realize apps by trending keywords, by class and subcategory, by connected search terms, and more. Developers will even promote their apps in “bundles.” however as these changes indicate, what the corporate didn’t reveal is that it’s not solely making an attempt to reinvent app discovery with iOS 8; it’s additionally making an attempt to have it.
App developers area unit setting out to receive rejection notices from Apple’s Review team that reference some of key sections of Apple’s Developer tips on why their apps don't seem to be being accepted within the App Store.
Apple has begun to trammel on tools that app developers use to decriminalize and grow their applications, together with incentivized video viewing and rewarded social sharing, furthermore as discovery tools that permit users to seek out apps within the games they’re already enjoying. The move can have a major impact on the app trade as an entire, and can function one thing of a “reset” in terms of however apps are able to do growth and scale.

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