Thursday, 29 May 2014

Forty million years ago, sea creatures mayykruskup held disappearance was seen alive

Wellington  mayykruskup see marine creatures , a newcomer , which is believed to be about four million years ago, they had disappeared , and he was found alive in New Zealand waters exists, researchers on Thursday said . gyrh like this dies beast prutuluphlya called marine pests within the colonies builds and first in Europe and the Middle East , some 170 million years ago, the fossil record was found , it Government Marine Agency NI TWA said , the last trace of them was found in the rocks four million years old. scientists in New Zealand , which is nearly half the world away from its regular home country , her limbs samples found that a million years ago, forming were found . then the researchers more fresh specimens to test on quickly and they command be sure that New Zealand 's South island pktn near 2008 n W O obtained by gyrh leader dies , destined marine animals have been found in insects . experts TWA NI NI TWA said biologist Dennis Gordon , Britain's Natural History Museum and Oslo University researchers discovered that by working kyajanyuala is responsible . prutuluphlya he discovered that living matter is a rare example of a living fossil bayyudawrsty thanks to the discovery of knowledge has helped . , he said, adding that the next step is the creation of the research , which kurlz and related marine fan albhrsy , Jane has to find new samples .

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