Thursday, 29 May 2014

Con Creator Harasses Aussie Apple Customers in Ransomware Activity

As villains go, "Oleg Pliss" does not appear too alarming. In a shot to scam iOS users out of $50 to $100 a pop, the would-be hijacker apparently used Apple's realize My iPhone service to lock down some devices. It's unclear what number targets Pliss annoyed or whether or not any of them truly forked over the dough, however Apple confident its customers that iCloud wasn't compromised.
Apple on Tues aimed to calm anxiety among its iCloud users with reassurances that the service hadn't been broken during a ransomware-style attack.

"Apple takes security terribly seriously and iCloud wasn't compromised throughout this incident," reads an organization statement. "Impacted users ought to amendment their Apple ID parole as before long as attainable and avoid mistreatment identical user name and parole for multiple services. Any users WHO want further facilitate will contact AppleCare or visit their native Apple place of business."

The documented "incident" may be a assortment of reports on Apple forums by iPhone users, most of them in Australia, of early morning calls rigorous they pay a ransom if they ever wished to use their phones once more. Ransom demands were US$50 or $100, due  through PayPal.

The blackmailer, occupation himself "Oleg Pliss," apparently had gained management of variety of iPhone users' accounts and had used Apple's realize My iPhone service to lock down their smartphones.

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